From generation to generation, with passion. Interview with Lodovico Laurini

What we in the Laurini family have been passing on from one generation to the next is much more than a job – it’s an authentic passion. A continuous process of innovation and improvement, always in search of the road less taken, to develop diversified, niche machinery, focusing on high quality made in Italy.

The company becomes an integral part of daily life practically from birth, especially for someone like Lodovico who grew up amid the Laurini products, enthusiastically learning the secrets of the business.

“I have the good fortune to be surrounded by people of great experience and professionalism. I’m constantly learning from them. I think that before we can take charge of a company we have to prove our maturity and leadership in the field. […] I’ve always loved mechanical things in general and everything I see around me here. The whole process involved in producing our machines from the design to the assembly, from painting the parts to fastening the last screw in place.”

A powerful passion to carry on the image of our company and ensure that it continues to reflect the high standards of the machines we produce.

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