From excavating to pipe laying, it's all possible with the Laurini Pipe Lifting Kit

The world in which Laurini Officine Meccaniche operates is a highly complex one, as you know, because every type of activity and terrain has its own particular characteristics and problems, and requires the use of exactly the right machinery.

Keeping firmly in mind that our mission is to bring innovation and find the ideal solution to satisfy our clients’ needs, we have applied the experience gained over the years, and have developed technological kits capable of adapting existing machines to perform new jobs.

A good example of this is our Pipe Lifting Kit, a set of engineering elements that makes it possible to turn any kind of standard excavator into a pipelayer, quickly and easily. It is a very useful tool that optimizes costs to a great extent by making it unnecessary to invest in a traditional pipelaying tractor, and it is competitively priced compared to other conversion systems. Its limited size and weight mean that it can be moved easily from place to place. Assembly and use are simple and, when no longer needed, the excavator can be restored to its initial function simply by dismantling the kit.

We can assemble and remove the kit for you on our premises or directly at the worksite, thanks to our service of direct assistance that makes our mechanical staff available to follow every assembly procedure. Once installed, the operator controls the kit directly from the cab, using a special joystick. The hoisting capacity of the hook varies in proportion to the size of the excavator chosen for conversion. It consists of a frame to which a hydraulic winch is fastened. When the stick and its hydraulic cylinder are removed from the arm of the excavator, the kit is installed on the arm, using the original pin that normally holds the hydraulic cylinder, and is connected to the same hydraulic circuit.
A cable transmission pulley and block with the transmission pulleys to the hook are installed on the pin that normally fastens the stick to the arm. For certain uses, it has been found even more versatile than a traditional side-boom, as the possibility of rotation on the fifth wheel increases its productivity. The kit can be produced in a short time and is designed according to the universal indications for standard sized excavators, however it can be altered quickly to fit excavators of different sizes. All the parts are made in our plant at Busseto, so every step of manufacture and assembly of the kit can be tested directly.  

Over the years, the Pipe Lifting Kit has been found to be a reliable tool for operators in the gas and oil sector, requested and tested by many clients who have been satisfied and who have demonstrated their confidence in us over and over again.