DOOSAN DX530DM, when reliability meets innovation

DOOSAN DX530DM is a digger that we at Laurini Officine Meccaniche transform into a demolition machine.

It has a total weight of 73 tons and its boom can reach a height of 31 meters.
The machinery consists of a hydraulically removable counterweight, and it can perform vertical ascents and descents, with a capacity for lifting tools weighing up to 4 tons.
With remote control, it guarantees perfect maneuverability of the counterweight and complete operator safety. The advanced technology of the remote control system means that it will be possible to move the hydraulic counterweight without the worker in the immediate vicinity, and thus to implement danger-free procedures while performing jobs more quickly and with better coordination.

We present the machine to you in all its complex simplicity, and the advantages of being solid, reliable, high performing and technologically advanced.
DOOSAN DX530DM is a unique demolition machine that bears the name of Laurini Officine Meccaniche.