Our 2018 starts with an important success. Three Vulcano XXL have crossed the Atlantic ocean and been put into service on Project 42” "The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline" under construction in Pennsylvania for Williams Transco. Our machines are operating on two different construction sites, managed by the companies "Latex Construction Company" and "Henkels & McCoy". The superscreen Vulcano XXL is the latest version of the famous Vulcano 2.0, unrivaled bestseller in the pipeline world that has reached 100 machines in use at worksites all over the world. As its name implies, Vulcano XXL is larger, and weighs about 30,000 kg. Fully assembled, it is 3.5 mt wide. Created to respond effectively to the different types of terrain and the many configurations of the track, Vulcano XXL is a real "special edition" that is ideal for big projects, considering its optimum performance that guarantees a consistent increase in production, about 350 m3/h, or 30% more. A high-tech solution that also looks at eco-sustainability and consumption savings. In fact, the innovative combination of hydraulic system and oversized radiator with FanDrive system provides efficient and modulated cooling, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 20%. The end users are extremely satisfied and the dealer "CRC-Evans" has expressed the intention to confirm an order for additional Vulcano XXL machines. Pretty soon, therefore, more shipments will be heading toward the U.S. coasts.