When we talk about earth-moving equipment or pipeline machinery, we are discussing a world of complex engineering, in terms of both machine function and of the parts that make up those machines. Laurini Officine Meccaniche has gone through the entire technological evolutionary process and applies the discoveries to its products, guaranteeing the fullest exploitation of your machines until its smallest element wears out.

With a view to saving the clientele from expensive downtime caused by possible malfunctions of a machine, it has developed an Aftersales Service structure that bases its operation on four key concepts: reactivity, proactivity, rapid delivery and constant monitoring.

The company places the accent on fast action and reliability: finding the solution to the customer’s problem in the shortest possible time by making available all the know-how at its disposal. The customer's request for parts starts with the preparation of a specific tender, taking account of the level of urgency of the request, and taking advantage of the rapidity of the company's production and its unique organization. Thanks to its strong experience, the Aftersales Department at Laurini supports the customer, anticipating possible needs and offering recommended parts right from the time of purchase of one or more machines, or on the occasion of a new project launch, so as to ensure non-stop operation at the worksite.

The goal of this service is to give the customers the feeling that the company has their back, and can even predict their needs in the long term, so they know they have a valuable partner in Laurini. In addition, the company has a highly effective logistics system operating on every continent: thanks to the efficient team of warehouse managers, customers can depend on guaranteed secure packing, traceability of shipments and support with customs formalities. In short, a smooth process, followed directly by a specialized, skilled team attentive to the customers’ needs, because for us at Laurini, machine manufacturers, people are the focus of the business.