Innovation has a new interface

The word innovation is on everyone’s lips, in this period more than ever before. But what does it really mean?

We see innovation as a daily challenge to improve: as a company and in terms of the products we offer and the services we deliver. It’s a slow, continual process that Laurini Officine Meccaniche incorporates into every aspect of the company’s life.

The first step on our path to innovation is seeking out and taking on young resources, in whom we firmly place our confidence and trust. If we can effectively tap into their enormous potential, guiding them and entrusting them with increasing responsibility, they will have the strength and courage to demonstrate their talent and ability to the full.

We innovate by expanding the production area, extending the workplace areas as soon as we deem it necessary, to boost the performance of the company and the liveability of the environment; we innovate by investing in research and development, to ensure we remain on the leading edge in the technologies we design and in the resources we place at the disposal of our employees; we innovate by exploring new avenues and making our way into new areas worldwide, extending our work and our method increasingly across borders.

Innovation is also evident in the little things that say who we are, the transparency with which we show professionals and aficionados in the sector what we do. And this is why our website today has a new, even more dynamic appearance.

The nature of the website remains the same, and indeed focuses more clearly than ever on the enterprising spirit of Laurini, characterised above all by an approach strongly oriented towards problem solving. This is exemplified by the new sections regarding products, processes and customisations, which showcase the full range of our engineering offer.

It has been studied to offer a more dynamic, interactive user experience, with effects that accompany the visitor on a journey through our world, assist the reader experience and highlight the areas of interest, in order to express our very essence, always seeking something new, always focused on the future.

And it has an emotional interface too, because, as we always say, for Laurini, it’s people who matter. It’s people, with their skills, willingness, determination, intuition and enthusiasm that really make our company great and our machinery immense.

Last but not least, we’ve chosen to boost the radio section, so you can listen to our energising playlist while you’re at work – and we know plenty about work on the construction site.

Come on in, you’re very welcome!