Today, October 30th, 2018, in Edmonton (CA) at CRC-Evans the Laurini Hammer demo has successfully taken place in front of many Canadian Pipeline contractors and other Italian and European Joint-Ventures. The latest version of Hammer has proven its productivity, impressing all those who did not know the machine yet.

Hammer is the first machine specifically designed to work as crushing-padding machine along the trenches. It is able to produce in one time only, all the quantity of material requested to cover the pipe, with the adequate granulometry for the project specifics, regardless the input material dimensions.

The first version of Hammer has been launched in 2013, allowing Laurini Officine Meccaniche to be classified as Runner-up in the “IPLOCA New Technologies Award” sponsored by British Petroleum.

The latest version of Hammer comes from the constant listening to the operators that use Laurini products and to the final customer needs: the synergy established in this way, enables the achievement of a product whose the margin of error is equal to zero.

Laurini Officine Meccaniche decided to invest in Canada, as a Country in which the implementation of many pipeline projects is forthcoming. Among these, there is the Trans Mountain Expansion (part of the Trans Mountain Pipeline) in which the use of the Hammer and its material production on site will be essential, because the morphology of the surrounding rocky area would make it impossible to transport the fine material.