Following the field test success, we welcome Apollo, our new revolutionary pipe laying system, which has always been known as LLS (Laurini Laying System). Its designing began in 2014 thanks to Marco Laurini visionary creativeness that spawned the first prototype after over three years of work. The very first trial took place on the Cervignano-Mortara 56-inch pipeline jobsite and it has been possible thanks to the willingness and cooperation of “Snam Rete Gas”, Italian leader company in the transport and dispatching of natural gas which commissioned the project together with “Max Streicher S.p.A.”, the contractor who provided the field and the workers.

We now officially named it Apollo, inspired by the Roman deity of rationality and balance. Apollo is an engineering masterpiece that seeks to maximize the safety at work. The machine structure is simply unique: it allows a total stability and completely reduces the tipping-over risk: a revolutionary and efficient system that includes the missing features of a common sideboom. The machine is modular and easy to disassemble and reassemble on site, lowering the transportation and shipping costs. The structure presents two different tracks: one inside the trench and the other one on the right of way which means that it does not use cables to carry suspended load. Since it is not a lifting device it does not need periodic or special inspections and certifications. Finally, Apollo is a step forward when it comes to eco-sustainability.