Laurini Officine Meccaniche is looking forward to the HAMMER Crushing Padding machine DEMO that will take place in Edmonton (CANADA), October 30th and 31st, and also to meeting all the Canadian pipeline contractors that will attend this event.

Hammer’s main feature is its HAMMERMILL designed and built by Laurini. The adjustable speed of the chain conveyor allows dosing the material to be treated, in the optimal quantity for the best performance. Hammer is fitted with a strong undercarriage suitable for working on STEEP SLOPES up to an INCLINATION of 70%. All the functions are remote controlled and there is no need of a skilled operator. This machine offers GREAT ADVANTAGES, including producing enough fine material (UP TO 150 m³/h) to complete the protection of the pipe, in ROCKY AREAS too.

Many other Hammer machines already worked with great success and customer satisfaction especially in MEXICO, GREECE and ALBANIA (TAP) and TURKEY (TANAP), but this time will be crucial to for the latest version of Hammer in order to prove its worth and work on the TRANS MOUNTAIN EXPANSION Project.

Wish us good luck!