Laurini Officine Meccaniche became the sponsor of a new cultural initiative, namely the “Busseto vista dai grandi artisti storici” (Busseto seen by the greatest artists of the past) exhibition, carried out by the artist Riccardo Crosa (from Biella, Piemonte). The aim of the exhibition is to promote the local culture, enhance the company’s image and strengthen the connection with the area.
The setting-up of such an innovative and stimulating exhibition is a wonderful occasion for the town of Busseto to tell its roots histories and its community values which bind us” declared Marco Laurini, CEO of Laurini Officine Meccaniche. “I believe that all the main companies of the area should support public institutions in the realization of cultural events like this one, because they highlight local cities, give a great experience to the citizens and pass on a positive message of territorial responsibility to our sons”.
The exhibition, realized by Montecristo for Luoghitaliani and supported by the town of Busseto, its Cultural and Production Activities Bureau and the tourist office, wants to leave a positive mark in the visitors’ minds. The sixteen digital canvases are made with a cyber-painting technique and are created specifically for this exhibition. They represent significant places of the city, and are designed in the style of the most iconic artists of the past.
All the art pieces are not hosted by usual art locations (such as art galleries or museums), but they are located in the artisanal shops of the old town. This is a new way to enjoy art in a more familiar and everyday environment which allows to send a clear and powerful message: the city is a genuine and creative place where to share ideas and projects and where contemporary artists shape new art forms thanks to technology.
The exhibition could be visited until the 7th of January 2018, according to the shops opening times. For more information please visit www.luoghitaliani.it