SHERP “ARK”: in Italy only at LAURINI

Capable of carrying 22 passengers, perfect for moving either on land or in the water, able to carry loads of up to 3,400Kg and, last but not least, capable of overcoming obstacles up to 1 meter high and slopes with up to a 45° angle.

Its name is SHERP ARK and here at Laurini Officine Meccaniche we’re proud to be the exclusive agents for Italy.

The new vehicle is the result of years of research and improvements enacted by SHERP, a Ukraine-based company that has also earned the international quality certification of ISO 9001.

For this type of vehicle the parts and systems installed are those of the highest quality and allow the SHERP to achieve maximum speeds of 6Km/h in the water and 30Km/h on land, with over 82 hours of autonomy at the fuel level.

During the month of June, in collaboration with Italrescue, the SHERP was presented to the Fire Department and is now ready to enter new markets and new locations.