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Jumbo – Cat 6015

Europe’s largest demolition excavator

The Largest Demolition Excavator in Europe

The CAT 6015 Demolition, nicknamed “JUMBO,” is the largest demolition excavator in Europe, and the largest excavator ever transformed by Laurini: it can reach a maximum working height of 48 meters and an operating weight of 351 tons (compared to 50 tons of a common excavator). The machine is transportable in all its digging and demolition versions using 12 trucks.
The Jumbo was designed and built by the Laurini team in just over a year, with approximately 3000 hours of design work.

Main modifications performed on the machine:

  • Lengthening of the beams
  • Undercarriage modified for quick-release beams and pistons for self-loading onto the truck bed
  • Tiltable cabin with certified ROPS and FOPS Roll Bar.
  • Arms completely redesigned
  • Additional counterweight + modification of the original counterweight
  • Hydraulic system modification to add all new functions

Usable in different length/height configurations of the arms:

  • 18 meters with 25-ton tool
  • 21 meters with 18-ton tool
  • 30 meters with 16-ton tool
  • 36 meters with 12-ton tool
  • 42 meters with 8-ton tool

Technical Data

48 mt

Maximum height

351 tons

Operating weight

3000 hours

Of design work

Power, Precision, Safety

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